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Meet Staci Sweet

Author, Abstinologist & T-Shirt Pusher

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Teaching parents how to have that awkward conversation.

Abstinology Coaching is specialized support coaching designed to teach parents and educators how to teach students how to wait to have sex until marriage by coaching students how not to play the Game of Sex.


This extensive Outercourse Training equips parents and educators with the biblical, social, and urban savvy they’ll need to become Certified Wait Coaches so that they can have those inconvenient conversations about sex. Because it’s not a question of if their student is going to have sex, but when.

For Moms & Dads

is a minority woman-owned coaching practice specializing in faith-based sex education.​


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Sexual Retirement Coaching

Abstinence Curriculum Development

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Chief Abstinence Officer

Staci Sweet & Company (SS&C) is a faith-based, minority, woman-owned graphic design, ghostwriting, and publishing consulting home-based business specializing in making solopreneurs, influencers, and nonprofits present like rock stars.


I was created to...


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Staci Sweet  is the Virtual Personal Assistant to the former Science Committee Head of the City of Jackson Coronavirus Pandemic Task Force, Dr. Cedric Buckley. She currently attends HGU (Holy Ghost University) where she studies today's headlines in light of scripture. She

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As a Violent Crime Survivor, Staci Sweet, takes readers on a compelling journey of what led to her battle with homelessness. She candidly tells the story of her struggle with promiscuity, instability, and mental illness while transparently sharing what she did to regain her sanity and financial strength as she walks readers back in time. To the people, circumstances, and decisions that led to her (and their) mental and financial demise. She ingeniously guides readers to breakthroughs and a-ha moments where those battling chronic homelessness can take ownership of their ugly past by teaching them how to convert their hard knock life/hood skills and experiences into money-making soft business skills; a language that potential employers and future clients can understand. This life-changing, powerful, interactive call-to-action guide is a must-read for the 564,000 people living in homelessness and for the nonprofits and federal agencies serving them today.

is a minority woman-owned faith-based...

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is a minority woman-owned faith-based writing practice specializing in spiritually dope books.



Before I became a Sexual Retirement Coach, I worked in performance management for a fortune 500 servicer. Apart of my responsibility included managing a multi-million dollar servicing portfolio and monitoring and evaluating the performance of some 50+ direct reports which often included coaching and if need be, corrective action. That experience combined with my former sexual addiction expertise, and eighteen years of sexual retirement experience led me to found Staci Sweet & Company (SS&C); an online consultancy and coaching practice where I provide faith-based sex education.

Along with my award-winning professional experience, I've created a Sex Masterclass and a Sexual Sabbatical eCourse, authored a wait book for women entitled, ‘Real Sex Issues: Real Talk About Life During, Before, and the Aftermath of Sex’, two marriage prep books entitled, ‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right’ and ’Girl, Your Future Husband is Coming!’, and a prayer guide entitled, ‘118 Bite-Sized Prayers for Future Wives’. I've also served as an Abstinence Workshop Facilitator, written Outercourse Education Curriculum for parents and a companion playbook for teens entitled, ‘Girl, You’re Not Ready!


As a former sex addict, I understand the difficulty of leaving a highly pleasurable and satisfying sex life. But after 18 years of sexual abstinence, I also understand what it takes to retire from the game of sex. Throughout that 18 years, I've gained a level of relationship and sexual mastery that most Sex Counselors, Therapists and Dating Coaches don't have.


My no-nonsense coaching practice, coupled with my faith-based arsenal of spiritually dope books and courses for tweens, teens, homeschoolers, and single women of faith takes the uncomfortableness out of difficult conversations.

Staci Sweet

Sex Educator, Coach, & Consultant

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