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A Writing & Graphic Design Practice

About the Company

Staci Sweet & Company (SS&C) is a faith-based, minority, woman-owned writing, graphic design, and publishing consulting home-based business specializing in making solopreneurs, influencers, and nonprofits present like rock stars.

Meet Staci Sweet

The legally blind, 50 something, plus-sized Bible teacher, Certified Life Coach, and innertainer is a stage 4 child cancer, domestic abuse and violent crime surviving advocate for the homeless and the hood.

She's a future bestselling author whose pen game ranges from children and teen books to anti-recidivism, homelessness, mental illness, hyper-spirituality, Alzheimer's/Dementia, learning disabilities, adoption, hospice/palliative care, healing, workplace productivity, LGTBQ+, marriage prep, women's/singles issues, respect and race.

She is also the founder of Real Issues Ministries, a teaching ministry where real ones go to learn about The Realest and discuss seldomly discussed real issues. She is also the founder and creator of the
School of Abstinology, where she provides faith-based books, journals, and online courses about outercourse for kids, teens and adults.

Her graphic design gifting came as a result of being unemployable for several years. Though she always had a creative edge, with the help of the Holy Spirit she learned presentation design, the in's and out's of SEO and how to help influencers, solopreneurs and nonprofits present like rock stars.

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She's also a fourth watch pray-er who enjoys EVERYTHING about the Word. She's the former founding member of the Lady House Rockers, an 80's female rap duo, who will go down in history as agreeing to not let multi-grammy award winning Erykah Badu, into the group. For the record, she was all for it.


She's single and has one son, Christian, 32. 

"Graphic design is a gift but I was created to teach, write, and speak.

- Staci Sweet, Author, Graphic Designer

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Curator of spiritually dope content.