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We help first-time authors birth their first bestseller.

Yes, we're a publishing company, but we don't publish.

We help you do it.

How Author Assistance Works*

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You forward any notes, outlines, journals, voice recordings, transcripts, articles, correspondence, emails, or scribble scrabbles you've written and we'll prepare a manuscript.

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You read the rough drafts and approve your manuscript.

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Once approved, we'll submit your future page turner to our printers and you're one step closer to becoming a self-published author.


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We'll format your book and design your book cover, postcard, brochure, and eVite for your packed out book signing and upcoming speaking engagements.

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Website Design

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We'll design a one-page website for your future bestseller that'll be linked to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for your book.

Book Launching

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We'll even set up your author Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Plus, we'll handle your book launching social media campaign for thirty days.

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The good news is the process doesn't take long*.

You could have your first sale in less than 14 days!

*Certain restrictions apply. See Service Agreement for details.

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