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Author Assistance

Helping first-time authors - LIKE YOU -  birth your first bestseller

What makes us different from our competitors? Well to be honest, we hold no degrees in Journalism, English and/or Communication. Neither have we ever held any prestigious writing positions. But that shouldn't disqualify us from partnering with you to co-write your future bestseller. Especially since the 45th President of the United States had no political experience prior to his presidency and Jesus Christ Himself was never ordained as teacher of the law. But that's besides the point. What we do have is a desire to pray for and work with you with the God-given gifts we do have so that you can birth the book of your dreams.

Author Assistance Services

Young Businesspeople

Author Assistance Bundle

$70 - $1,120*

We'll develop and/or ghostwrite, edit, proofread, and format your future masterpiece. Then we'll design your book cover, postcard, and a one-page author site*.  Plus, we'll pray for your success and touch and agree with you that your book reaches bestseller status.

*Pricing based on page length, per word rate of $.014. Certain restrictions apply.


$15 per hour

Most charge upward of $35-$100 per hour to translate your thoughts on paper. But this is your baby. So, let's co-write it for half the price.

Thinking of Ideas
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Copy Editing

$.014 per word

Making sure your future bestseller is accurate, flows well, keeps the same thought, and is free from grammatical errors.

Developmental Editing

$.014 per word

Whether its your characters or asking the hard questions that readers want to know, this service is for you.

Reading a Book


$.010 per word

Need a second set of eyes to red pen that masterpiece of yours?