Because before I gave my life to Christ, I was a sex addict. Always in the arms of some random dude; hoping he would want, love, or pay me. But after being someone’s girlfriend, ride-or-die, and side chick, I was tired. Tired of sacrificing my dignity to get high, to have a man, and even more tired of opening my legs to get my bills paid.  That fatigue was God letting me know that it was time to retire from the  game of sex because He didn’t create me to be a hoe; He created me to  be a wife. Real Sex Issues walks you through that fatigue as it is apart of a three-part singles series ('Girl, Get Ready! Your Future Husband is Coming!', 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right' and '116 Bite-Sized Prayers for Future Wives') that chronicles the journey. It answers questions about sexual identity, self-sex, how to leave a sex-for-pay lifestyle, the history of sex, and almost every other question about sex. So do yourself a favor and get your copy to put in your singles arsenal because girl, it's dangerous in these single streets. 

The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness is a 175-page interactive guide written exclusively for the homeless. It takes readers on a compelling journey of what led to my battle with chronic homelessness. I candidly tell the story of my struggle with promiscuity, instability, and mental illness while transparently sharing what I did to regain my sanity and financial strength, by walking readers back to the people, circumstances, and decisions that led my (and their) demise. I guide readers to their breakthroughs and a-ha moment’s so that they’re able to take ownership of their ugly past by teaching them how to convert their hard knock life experience and/or hood skills into soft business skills; a language that potential employers can understand and value. This life-changing action guide comes with a Vision Board, Vision and Resume Builder, Enrollment Guide with an Educational To-Do List, along with a Confession Card. There are approximately 564,000 people living in homelessness today. 

A Black Woman’s Take on the Constitution and Faith is racial memoir of how as a woman of color, I questioned my faith in light of race. I had to look the elephant of racism in the eye and ask the question: why such issues weren’t being addressed from major pulpits. But instead of bashing the people of God and throwing in the towel on our legal system, I searched the scriptures for myself; in search of what the Bible says about slavery, racism and why our founding document could be so racially flawed. I wanted to know how could our founding fathers claim to have written the constitution based on biblical principles when they themselves were morally flawed? And since they weren’t moral champions, how can I, as a woman of color, take the constitution or the Bible seriously? That and many other elephants, such as the plight of indigenous people and immigrants, are addressed in this 56-page turner which will not only build your faith, but lovingly educate white Christians on their role of bridging the cultural gap. 

‘Crime, Criminals, and Redemption’, is an inmate’s guide to redemption, as it displays the corrective and rehabilitative heart of God. It gives inmates a glimpse at what God can do for those we deem unsalvageable, unredeemable, and unworthy of forgiveness. To give you an example, in Matthew 27:15-26, Barabbas was indicted for murder. Yet in Matthew 27:21, the jurors voted to let him go. There are other instances, such as Moses’ manslaughter in Exodus 2:11-15, Peter’s assault with a deadly weapon in Acts 9, and let’s not forget the prostitute that wasn’t charged with child endangerment in 1 Kings 3; to name a few. In certain instances, readers will be given a bird’s eye view of the mitigating circumstances that surrounded each crime, thereby being able to draw their own conclusion of redeemability. The book’s objective is to help inmates take responsibility for their actions while simultaneously walking them through the head and heart work needed to receive redemption. Each chapter has a scripture reference, teaching, and redemptive prayer. It also has a section devoted exclusively to confession which gives inmates an opportunity to align their words with God’s and not with the system.

‘Girl, You’re Not Ready’ is a no-nonsense, straightforward guide that helps teens become familiar with every tactic, motive, method, trick, tool, pickup line, excuse, explanation, cause, motivation, scenario, incentive, defense, objective and/or reason another player might use to get them participate in outercourse sports. This is done by breaking down the Game of Sex as well as Wait Game. The guide also helps students establish Wait Goals. The goal is to help teens understand that it’s not that they’ll NEVER get to experience outercourse and/or sex, because they will. It’s just about knowing WHEN and being sure they know WITH WHOM.  This book also serves as a companion guide to the Outercourse Curriculum for parents and educators.

A friend once made the statement that culture dictates how women treat men. If that’s the case, then most women treat men according to what they’ve learned and gathered from parents, relatives, girlfriends, media, past experiences and relationships. With that being said, what if within that circle no one is respected by men and neither treats them with respect? And if so, what’s wrong with that? Everything, because it leaves no place for the Word of God. What if God says we are to honor and respect men? Would we then allow culture to trump God? Therefore, the purpose of, ‘Girl, Get Ready! Your Future Husband is Coming’, allows women to ask themselves hard questions about men because now, as a single woman, is the best time to get a better understanding of how God wants His sons treated. This is the second part of the two-part topical Bible Study on singleness which includes, ‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right!’ Both books come with a complimentary prayer book entitled, ‘116 Bite-Sized Prayers for Future Wives.’