Trees From Above



Helping you get through your go-through.

There are certain things you're going to have to go through which means there are certain situations you have to experience. There's no substitute, alternative route or replacement. Neither can you pray it or them away. The person and/or situation are a given and in order to get to the next place or to the next person God has for you, you must go through that person in order to get through that situation, or vice versa. Jesus told the disciples '“Let us cross over to the other side.” But in order to get there, they had to go through something. I teach you how to go through those things and get to the other side. I help you get through your go through so that you can get to the other side of whatever you're facing now.  Because in order to get through what you've been through, you're going to have to go through it to get there. 


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