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Yes, I know I'm unqualified but much of what I write was assigned to others. I am painstakingly aware that there was someone in law enforcement who should have written this years ago but for whatever reason declined. Yet because God's will will be done, He found someone else to get it done and that someone was me. 

Policing in Faith: A Discussion About the Police For the Police and the People They Serve enables the civilian population to get a bird’s eye view into the thought processes, legalities, and procedures behind the job of law enforcement while simultaneously showing law enforcement their job from a civilian point of view. Thus giving us all a better understanding and bridging the divide that keeps us apart. Therefore, the book transitions from the mind of an officer to the mind of a law-abiding citizen. It will also pivot from the mind of a crooked cop to the mind of a criminal. All of which is needed in order for us to live and flourish interdependently. It is my hope that you gain insights, understanding and forge to try to build better relationships, collectively.

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