Chapter 1: Exploring the Myth of Holy Homelessness


There’s a myth that Jesus was homeless and took of vow of poverty. We’ll explore the origins of that myth, provide Jesus’ position on homelessness as well as see how Jesus interacted with the homeless.


Take-away: Understand homelessness is not God’s will for your life.

Chapter 2: You Are Stuck


Explores the reasons, people, and identifies the three root causes as to why you’re homeless and helps reader come to terms with the fact that they are stuck.


Take-away: Will be able to go back to the moment, decision, and circumstances that led to your homelessness. 


Chapter 3: You’re Stuck, Now What?

Helps readers see the importance of retracing their steps into their past, so as allow them to go to that place, in hopes of rescuing the part of themselves that was held back.


Chapter 4: Spiritual Development and Forgiveness

Walks readers through the process of forgiveness while helping them see how developing spiritually is a major role in getting out of homelessness.

Take away: Forgiving themselves as well as responsible parties. 


Chapter 5: The Point of Repentance

Helps readers understand that though their situation may have been caused by someone else, they still had a part to play and as such, they too must repent. Not to other people, but to God. 

Take away: Understanding the release and protection that comes with repentance.




Chapter 6: Growing Up, Apart, and Away from Homelessness


Helps readers identify their Super Homey; the fictious persona that enjoys the admiration and street creditability that comes with homelessness. Also helps readers understand the importance of growing out of that mindset and into all God created them to be.


Take away: Identify the habits and people that once were considered cute, are now acutely aware of the ugly affects have had on their lives.



Chapter 7: Fighting Your Way out of Homelessness


Identifies the seemingly harmless assistance opportunities afforded during homelessness and how combatting or turning down certain aid will help them to get into their own place sooner.  Also touches on addictions and using laughter as a weapon.


Take away: Walk away having made the decision to no longer accept one type of social service as a way to fight their way out of homelessness.


Chapter 8: How I Ended Up in a Shelter


Walks readers through the decisions and circumstances that led to homelessness as well as showing readers how to use small victories to come out.


Take away: Will begin to think strategically on how to take small steps to get off the streets.



Chapter 9: Homeless Mindsets


Discusses the role mental illness plays and takes readers through the process of mind renewal by way of spending time with God.


Take away: Should no longer question their mental stability and should now understand how they simply need to redirect their thoughts.


Chapter 10: How to Study Your Bible



Teaches readers how to read and study their Bible, use a Concordance, and walks them through their first Word study.


Take away: Confident in their ability to get out by renewing their mind to what the Word of God says. Have a better grasp on how to read and study their Bible.



Chapter 11: Giving Your Way Out


Helps readers understand that even though they’re receiving assistance, they’re still expected to help others.


Take away: No longer feel as if can not afford to help someone else and will see how God will use their small giving to get them out.


Chapter 12: Tithing: Combatting Your Financial Attack


Discusses the financial protection and wisdom that comes from tithing 10% of their income; no matter how small it may be. Learn how to calculate the tithe.


Take away: Assurance have taken the first step in creating their financial future by adding God to their financial plan. 


Chapter 13: The Plan Comes Out of Prayer


Discusses the importance of praying in tongues and how by doing so, will be able to see things from God’s perspective because they are now speaking His language which will better position them to receive His plan and instruction on how to get out of homelessness. 

Take away: Understand the practicality of prayer and how it ties into executing the exit strategy out of homelessness.