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Free Resume' Writing Service for Veterans, Felons, and the Homeless

Sure you can use an online resume' builder or resume' template but your experience needs a personal touch. Let SS&C craft an eye-catching resume' that'll professionally and visually communicate all your hard work. We'll even translate your hood skills (i.e. convictions, dishonorable discharges, illegal activities, etc.) into soft business skills. Because contrary to what some think, you did acquire valuable soft skills while living a hard knock life. And the best part...its FREE for veterans, felons, and the homeless!

If you don't have a resume', need a rewrite or update, we've got you covered.


Enter your email address or phone number. We'll email or call you back and get your information.


You'll have an uploadable WORD and PDF formatted resume' within 24 hours.


We'll even walk you through uploading your resume to job boards and downloading to your phone.

If no one's told you today,

we believe in you.

SS&C Logo(1).png

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to believe in you!

To get started, simply click here and we'll contact you within 3 to 24 hours.