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I fell in love with hip hop after hearing Rappers Delight in my grandparents den in Oak Cliff Texas. Within minutes I was reciting and within weeks I was writing and tearing up my grandparents record player trying to scratch. 

Fast forward to 1984 and I recorded my first single. Not professionally but we had it on tape. Like Dre, I sat down and pushed play in front of my father and told him I'd been given the opportunity to rap at City Lights, an adult night club in South Dallas, to which he did me like ole girl did Dre. Only I didn't come back ery'day. I took my no and kept writing. 

I met a local MC and we became The Lady House Rockers and went on to rap at a local talent show and even at City Lights. Only it was in the parking lot. Thankfully, a young group was touring and I'd caught the attention of one of its members who promised I could tour with them. Only my father wasn't having it. That was okay because that member was Fresh Kid Ice of the 2 Live Crew. #ohmy But that was okay because there was no other female in Dallas that could hold me. I managed to battle at the Longhorn Ballroom and it was there that I made my mark and missed a golden opportunity. Apples had broken up with her partner TJ and asked if she could join our group. I was excited but told her I had to check with ML Sexy D first and of course, she wasn't on board. That was moment I told Erykah 'Apples' Badu that she could not be a Lady House Rocker. Shortly thereafter, I quit rapping.

Ten years later and I was saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Spirit and had been abstinent for about a year and a half when I was asked to do spoken word on my BMF's brother's label with Lil Sin. Spiritually that was the moment I backslid but rap wise, I managed to mesmerize everyone that heard 'my voice'. Thereafter, I was featured on my BMF's project but again, it never made it to the airwaves. 

Though hip hop will forever be in my heart, I'm 50 and have shifted my love into praying for it. This site is my dedication to the one I love. 


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