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What is Sexual Retirement Coaching?

​Sexual Retirement Coaching is specialized support coaching for women of faith who desire to retire from the game of sex. Just as Financial Advisors 'use their knowledge and expertise to construct personalized financial plans that aim to achieve the financial goals of clients', as a Sexual Retirement Coach, I use my sexual knowledge and expertise to draft personalized playbooks, complete with sexual goals, standards and exit strategies, to help my clients become accountable for their sexual behavior in order to ensure their sexual success so that they can leave a Tenderized, swipe right, 90-day, 5-date rule type of lifestyle and into a well planned retirement free from sexual distractions. 

Don't think you need Sexual Retirement Coaching? Here's 50 reasons why you probably do!

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$35 (30-minute private phone session)

$55 (60-minute private phone session)

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Sexual Retirement Coaching for Every Woman From Every Walk of Life

Sexual Retirement Coaching for Adult Entertainment Professionals

I also coach professionals in the adult entertainment industry. Because I understand the fear and financial struggle that comes with leaving a sex-for-pay lifestyle, this is often the reason so many don’t retire from the game. And this is also why I offer Sexual Retirement Coaching.

Stripping is a publicly traded corporation on the New York Stock Exchange

With the rise of #OnlyFans and exotic dancing being parlayed into a publicly traded $17 per share corporation on the New York Stock Exchange, I understand that my approach to your retirement needs has to be viable. Yet the reality is that as a Sexual Retirement Coach I offer no guarantee on your future earning potential, other than the confidence of knowing that I will work diligently with you to prepare an exit strategy and will coach you into your purpose; because therein lies your financial freedom and success. I am  committed to providing you with the encouragement, truth, and unadulterated accountability you need to succeed. And though this may seem a bit too ‘professional’ for the sex industry, I take the game seriously.

Concierge Services* Available

​Late night hours available* |  Text Coaching  |  Last minute availability | VIP Club Access


$35 (30-minute private phone session)

$55 (60-minute private phone session)


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Here's 50 Reasons Why You Need Sexual Retirement Coaching

Meet Your Sexual Retirement Coach

Before I became a Sexual Retirement Coach, I worked in performance management for a fortune 500 servicer. Apart of my responsibility included managing, monitoring, and evaluating the performance of some 50+ direct reports which often included coaching and if need be, corrective action. That experience combined with my former sexual addiction expertise, and eighteen years of sexual retirement experience led me to found Staci Sweet & Company (SS&C); a faith-based, online sex education, consultancy and coaching practice where I monitor and evaluate the sex lives of single women of faith.

Along with my award-winning professional experience, I've created a Sex Masterclass and a Sexual Sabbatical eCourse, authored a wait book for women entitled, ‘Real Sex Issues: Real Talk About Life During, Before, and the Aftermath of Sex’, two marriage prep books entitled, ‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right’ and ’Girl, Your Future Husband is Coming!’, and a prayer guide entitled, ‘118 Bite-Sized Prayers for Future Wives’. I've also served as an Abstinence Workshop Facilitator, written Outercourse Education Curriculum for parents and a companion playbook for teens entitled, ‘Girl, You’re Not Ready!

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Sex Educator, Coach, & Consultant

What Qualifies Me to Coach?

I received my life coaching certification in 2017 from the Tony Gaskins Academy; one of the nation's foremost coaching academies specializing in all things love and relationships. As a former sex addict, I understand the difficulty of leaving a highly pleasurable and satisfying sex life. But I also understand the need for single women of faith to retire their heads, hearts, and hips from the wear and tear of the game. After 18 years of sexual abstinence, I've gained a level of sexual mastery that most Sex Counselors, Therapists and Dating Coaches don't have. That experience is what escorts my clients out of the game of sex and into their God-given purpose, free from sexual distractions.

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What Certifications Do I Hold?

I received my life coaching certification in 2017 from the Tony Gaskins Academy; one of the nations foremost coaching academies specializing in all things love and relationships. I also have 18 years of experiential sexual retirement experience. 

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You Need a

If you're not quite ready for Sexual Retirement Coaching, then a Sexual Sabbatical is for you! Sabbatical, taken from the Hebrew, shabbat or Sabbath, is 'a rest/break from a certain activity often lasting two months to a year.' A Sexual Sabbatical is a break from all sexual activities and is designed to give your head, heart, and hips a rest from sex for up to one year.  Learn more...

Not quite ready for coaching or a sabbatical but need to do something? Try these!

​Because I understand single women of faith live sexually complex lives, I also offer hard-hitting, faith-based eBooks and eCourses addressing real sexual issues such as bisexuality and lesbianism, masturbation and sex toys, adultery, side chicking, and... living a sex-for-pay lifestyle.


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