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Ain’t Finna Let Nobody Know My Business Mentality

I held a conversation Thursday with one of the women I talked about in my last issue.  You know, one of those well-educated and accomplished women who enunciates perfectly and articulates her brilliance with ease? Yeah, one of those.  I reached out to her last weekend on Facebook and asked was there anything I could do to help. Though I’d reached out to others, she was one of two, who genuinely responded and demonstrated an interest in connecting.

It was surprising to us both, how we were able to open up to one another.  But was shocking to me, is that I was able to share bits and pieces with her; which is highly unusual because I am somewhat of an introvert; extremely private and unapologetically aloof.  I did, however, give her fair warning of my background and went on to tell her about my twelve year walk of abstinence and how I was a bit taken aback by the financial accomplishments of her and our classmates. And that when I compared myself financially, I didn’t measure up. 

To which she said something that will forever change my life.  She said her Pastor taught them that one woman’s anointing and life’s experiences prepared her for the block; while another woman’s was preparing her for the world. That so impacted me and resounded in my spirit. Because even though I’m from the block; throughout these twelve years of abstinencealone time, and getting to know God; I see He’s been preparing me for the world.

I said all that to say this.  What if I’d have kept my old ‘ain’t finna let nobody know my business’ mentality and not reached out to her?  I would have missed what God was trying to tell me.  I would have missed the opportunity to be mentored by one of the women He’s handpicked to impact my life.   In Brand Class yesterday, Dr. Marshawn Daniels (no she’s not a Ph.D but to me, she has one in the Anointing) made the statement that her husband, Jack A Daniels, told her; in that‘everything you need is on the other side of everything you fear.’  For years, I didn’t want to be around well-to-do or boo-zhee (bourgeois) people. I deliberately shied away from it. But I see now, that on the other side of boo-zhee, is where and who God’s called me to be; and the same may be true for you.   Who are you separating yourself from?  White people?  Poor people?  Uneducated folk? Watch yourself! Because who you're trying to stay away frommay very well bethe person who's holding your next level blessing.