A Black Woman's Take on the Constitution and Faith


The Elephant in the Room: A Black Woman’s Take on the Constitution and Faith is racial memoir of how as a woman of color, I questioned my faith in light of race. I had to look the elephant of employment discrimination, injustices in the American legal system, police brutality, to name a few, in the eye and wonder why such issues weren’t being addressed from major pulpits. But instead of bashing the people of God and throwing in the towel on our legal system, I searched the scriptures for myself; in search of what the Bible says about slavery, racism and how could our founding document could be so racially flawed. I wanted to know how could our founding fathers claim to have written the constitution based on biblical principles when they themselves were morally flawed? And since they weren’t moral champions, how can I, as a woman of color, take the constitution or the Bible seriously? That, and many other elephants, such as the plight of indigenous people and immigrants, are addressed in this 56-page turner which will not only build your faith, but lovingly educate white Christians on their role of bridging the cultural faith!