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It's time to give your head, heart, and hips a break.

Girl...You Need a Sexual Sabbatical!

As a single woman, if given the opportunity, you’d take a Sexual Sabbatical. If for no other reason than to send a message to your partner. So why don’t you? You’re either afraid of the financial consequences or you're terrified of the stigma that comes with not being in a relationship, to name a few. But in case you need a few reasons, here’s 50!

50 Reasons To Consider a Sexual Sabbatical

So What's a Sexual Sabbatical?

The word sabbatical is taken from the Hebrew, shabbat or Sabbath, and is defined as 'a rest and/or break from a certain activity often lasting two months to a year.' A Sexual Sabbatical is a faith-based, revolutionary, online coaching challenge designed to give your head, heart, and hips a rest from all sexual activities for as long as you decide. If you've ever wanted to put a pause on your sex life but didn't know how - this is the challenge for you!

The Sexual Sabbatical Challenge

The Sexual Sabbatical Challenge is a self-paced, online course complete with eBooks and accountability texts chocked full of no nonsense insight, advice and aha moments that will challenge the way you think about sex. It also comes complete with:

  • Biweekly Checkup Emails for 60 days

  • Weekly Accountability Texts for 60 days

  • a Real Sex Issues: Life Before, During, and the Aftermath of Sex eBook (valued at $14.97)

  • a Girl, Get Your Mind Right eBook (valued at $9.97)

  • a Girl, Get Ready! Your Future Husband Is Coming! eBook (valued at $9.97)

  • 119-Bite Sized Prayers for Future Wives eBook (valued at $9.97),

  • Completion Certificate, and...

  • a 15% discount off Wait Coaching* (hourly rates apply)


As a former sex addict, I understand the difficulty of leaving a highly pleasurable and profitable sex life.

But after taking an extended sexual sabbatical, I was able to finally able to tap into who I really am...a part from sex...and so will you! Your sexual identity has convinced you that your only superpower is sex. But there is so much more to you than your award-winning, bill-paying sex. And during this challenge you will be introduced to the real you. The you that you've never met because you've never taken the time to get to know that part of you because you were so emotionally, soulically, sexually and financially involved with everyone else. It's time to get to know the real you...apart from sex. So are you ready to meet that part of you?

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