I'm too old to get married.

1 Timothy 5:9-11 says, 'But refuse the younger widows; for when they...' Who is 'they'? According to this verse 'younger widows'. Why does Paul call them younger and how old is young? Verse 9 says, 'Do not let a widow UNDER SIXTY YEARS OLD be taken into the number...' Though Paul is referring to widows, these are still WOMEN of a certain age. And though they are, the Bible clearly states women UNDER 60 may still have a desire to marry, and as such if you are under 60, it's not too late!

I'm 60+. Is it too late for me to get married?

Nope! Abraham was well into his 100's when his first wife, Sarah, died. Although he was well in age, he remarried Keturah and the two had 6 sons (Gen 25:1,2). Now if God will allow an older gentleman to remarry, certainly he has no problem with women of certain age marrying or remarrying too!