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Christian Sweet's experience with homelessness began in 2015 when he was forced to live in vacants and storage units. Raised by a single parent, he and his mother would move more than 30 times which ultimately led him to make some poor choices. Those choices ushered him into the criminal justice system but it is that experience along with his educational mishaps that youth need to hear. Because 39.8% of the nation's homeless are African-American while 61% are men and boys*, Christian brings a fresh, firsthand perspective of what homelessness looks like. His desire to help other young Black men faced with the same set of circumstances led him to contribute to, 'The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness', a compelling guide that helps young Black homeless men take ownership of their ugly past by teaching them how to convert their hard knock hood skills and experiences into money-making soft business skills. That experience as well as understanding how to legally navigate the hood is the type of relatable, out-of-the-box solutions and experience he'll bring to your organization.   

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As a young man born and raised in South Dallas, Christian was faced with four bad choices: bang, slang, pimp, or hustle. Christian chose the fifth alternative which was a boring life. While most were in the streets, Christian stayed out the way and chose gaming as his outlet. Though he dropped out of high school and caught a charge, he continued on the boring route. Though often perceived as lame, the boring life proved to be the safest. As opposed to taking penitentiary chances and jeopardizing his life, he chose the boring way of freedom and learned how to legally navigate the hood and avoid its many pitfalls. And thus the Boring Movement began. #supportBlackbusiness

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Actors and models usually attend some acting school or have some type of formal training. Christian has neither. But the one thing he does have is good looks, a natural knack for role playing and a great sense of humor.  So while most are able to book gigs because of their impressive resume', Christian relies on his eye-candy edge and his confidence to over deliver. And should you know someone looking to give a reformed hood dude a shot at acting or modeling or if you need a brand ambassador, be sure to mention Christian.

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