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Writing for the uncoachable and the unapproachable and game-changing content for the unreachable and the unteachable.

Cross Eyed Children's Book.png

​In Mark 4, after keynoting for a large conference, we find Jesus and His staff boarding a two-deck yacht, in route to Gadarenes, where He and His staff encounter a hurricane. Oftentimes, when we hear this account, we tend to focus on Jesus being able to comfortably sleep through and speak to the storm, while safely making it to His destination thereafter. But what or who was so important, that the Lord ignored a category 4 wind advisory? You could assume that He was scheduled to keynote another conference, in some 20,000-seat venue, but He wasn’t. The Lord had one person on His itinerary. One unlikely, unpopular individual, and that was a mentally ill homeless man living in a cemetery. That means Jesus went through a storm for one mentally deranged homeless man, or as He cites in Matthew 25:44, 45, the least of these. Like Jesus, I too write for an audience of one. Those that are hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, and in prison; physically, financially, and spiritually.

In fact, I’ve written books and blogs for the hungry and thirsty – ‘The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness’.

The naked, ‘Real Sex Issues: Real Talk About Life Before, During, and the Aftermath of Sex’, ‘Side Chick’, ‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right’, ‘Girl, Get Ready! Your Future Husband is Coming!’, Outercourse Education for Moms and Dads,  with a companion playbook for teens entitled, 'Girl, You're Not Ready!'

The sick, ‘Deep-Pression: Real Talk About Hyperspirituality and Depression’, ‘You Are Not Losing Your Mind’, ‘Cross-Eyed’, and ‘Crash Course Faith for Parents of Terminally Ill Children'.

And for those in prison, ‘Crime, Criminals, and Redemption: What the Bible Says About Certain Crimes and Those Who Commit Them.’

And those are only a few books I've written. I currently have 64 books, plays, and screenplays in the works.  Truthfully, I don’t write for the sake of popularity. I tackle hard-hitting, unpopular, real life issues that plague the saved and the unsaved. Therefore, my mission is to write for the uncoachable and the unapproachable while creating game-changing content for the unreachable and the unteachable. You know, the folk nobody wants to be bothered with. Yeah, I write for them and about stuff seldomly discussed in church which is why I'd be absolutely thrilled if you'd consider supporting my ministry so that I ensure these life-changing biblically banging materials get into hands, homes, and hearts of the least.

Real Issues Ministries (RIM) is a woman ran, minority operated, registered ministry. We are a tithing ministry which means 10% of what you give will be given to other ministries and/or churches. All donations given will be used for the sole purpose of the ministry which includes publishing, recording equipment, studio time, travel and other expenses. We will not be able to issue a charity receipt for tax purposes as we have opted not to obtain a tax exempt, 501(c)3 status at this time – only because it is expensive, and we are unable to purchase it at this time. You will however receive a receipt and will be able to view our financial statements at the end of the year.

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