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Crime, Criminals and Redemption

For those deemed unsalvageable, unredeemable, and unworthy of forgiveness.

About the Book

Crime, Criminals, and Redemption is an inmate’s guide to redemption, as it displays the corrective and rehabilitative heart of God. It gives God’s free and incarcerated children a glimpse at what God can do for those we deem unsalvageable, unredeemable, and unworthy of forgiveness. To give you an example, in Matthew 27:15-26, Barabbas was indicted for murder. Yet in Matthew 27:21, the jurors voted to let him go. There are other instances, such as Moses’ manslaughter in Exodus 2:11-15, Peter’s assault with a deadly weapon in Acts 9, and let’s not forget the prostitute that wasn’t charged with child endangerment in 1 Kings 3, to name a few.

Though not an exhaustive work, the book does provide several biblical accounts of criminal activity while giving readers a bird’s eye view into the mitigating circumstances surrounding each crime, thus affording readers an opportunity to draw their own conclusion of redeemability. It also discusses the sentencing, or lack thereof, that took place after the crime.

Book Objective

The objective of the book is to help inmates take responsibility for their actions while simultaneously doing the head and heart work needed to receive redemption, and quite possibly, release.

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What's Included

Each chapter has a scripture reference, teaching, and redemptive prayer. It also has a section devoted exclusively to confession which gives inmates an opportunity to align their words with God’s and not with the system.

Daily Confessions
Life Experience/Hood Skill Translator

Resume' Builder
Vision Board
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Crimes Discussed

Wrongful Convictions 


Assault with a Deadly Weapon 

Attempted Murder


Possession of an Illegal Firearm & Assault Weapon 

Child Endangerment 

Sexual Assault

Hate Crimes 


First/Second/Third Degree Robbery 

Fraud & Extortion (White Collar Crimes)

Other Topics

Court Ordered Restitution 

Death Row Inmates 

Repeat Offenders 

Jury Deliberations & Closing Arguments

Mitigating Circumstances 

Time Served by way of Atonement 

Rehabilitative Measures 

Pardons and Paroles 

Community Supervision Programs 

Sanctuary Cities  

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If you're currently incarcerated or a return citizen, this book will help you...

  • Know that the Bible does speak about criminals and criminal activity

  • Find out specifically what the Bible says about your offense

  • Understand the biblical consequences of your offense, and

  • Walk away knowing that you are redeemable and redeemed - spiritually and financially  

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Ways You Can Support

  • If you're a judge, lawyer, civil rights activist or work in law enforcement, you can endorse the book.

  • If your ministry is going into a compound, you can invite me to speak.

  • If your nonprofit has a prison outreach, you can print copies of Crime, Criminals, and Redemption: What the Bible Says About Certain Crimes and Those Who Commit Them', and distribute the printed copies/link to eBook with your care packages.

  • If you have a podcast, you can invite me to your guest so that we can discuss a few of these crimes with your audience. 

  • If you just have a heart for the incarcerated, you can give him/her the eBook link.

  • If you’re unable to do any of the above, share this page with your tribe, subscribe to my blog, and more importantly, say a simple priceless prayer for the incarcerated.