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A Big Girls Affair With Food

I know 'My 600-lb Life' is in its 8th season, but I just started watching and all I can say is wow! Though I've only watched two episodes, those courageous women taught me something about myself. When I watched those women, I realized that overeating is not just eating and neither is it just an addiction; it's spiritual. I say that because it wasn't until after I stopped having premarital sex, that I realized my sexual addiction was more than physical, it too was spiritual. Now don't go gettin' all spooky on me. When I say spiritual, I simply mean an influence. Influencing me byway of what I paid attention to, such as the sexually explicit music, shows, and conversations I held with other sexually addicted adults. I was consumed in my thoughts which only gave way to me acting out on my sexual desires to the point that I knew I was out of control. 

Lusty Looks

Fast forward and after fifteen years without it...yep, that's right! I've been 'yet holding' for 456 months or 5,475 days. I've faithfully kept these big ole yellow legs closed for approximately 131,400 hours and after many hours of study, I now realize that there was a spiritual influence behind my out of control sexual appetite. And I now see that the same is true for my appetite for food. But it wasn't until I watched the way those women looked at food that I realized, their looks were lusty. In that they looked intently into the eyes of those biscuits as if they literally wanted to sop it up. The way they pined over each meal reminded me of two adulterous lovers. They knew they weren't supposed to be together, yet their sexual appetites kept them coming back for more. Those women instinctively know how to eat in moderation, but that next bite keeps calling them...calling them. And because I know the voice of Cocoa Pebbles so well, I've answered its lusty calls to indulge in an explicit food affair. What about you? 

Late Night Hookups

If you've ever answered the can-I-come-over call of a piece of pizza after you knew it was too late to eat or smiled inwardly when you saw the come-get-me texts of a burger in the middle of the night, then you know what I mean. And though it seems like its just food, there's something spiritual influencing us to do it. So how can we stop? I truly don't know because I'm still trying to wean myself out of my food affair. But I will tell you this. If we have to do what I had to do to stop having premarital sex, then it's going to take a lot of time in the Word and on our knees to walk away from the lust of food. I'll keep you posted on how it works out. But until then, call a duck a duck. If you're overweight, you too are having a food affair and prayerfully one day, you'll get caught.

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