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Big Girls and Faith

After forty plus years of seeing NOTHING but skinny or average built women, it's so refreshing to see someone with thighs like mine.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  I'm not championing lumps and bumps, but when you've been bombarded with images of photo shopped perfection, you begin to question - 'Am I the only one with creases in my thighs?'  But with the sudden explosion of plus sized women gracing magazine covers, the Gram, and Twitter; its just good to know that there are women like me - who exist.  And not only exist, but unashamedly flaunt their curves.  W.O.W. 

And even though I don't condone showing a lot of skin, I must admit, as a Christian woman, when I see unapologetic curvy women, I see God.  But why?  Because when I see them, I see faith. I'll show you what I mean.  Take a look below.

Though I don't condone showing a lot of skin, when I look at this picture, I see them through my eyes of faith; meaning, I can look beyond the lumps and bumps and into potential. Potential of who she'll become once the weight comes off.   I can look at her, as I do myself, and see 'those things that be not as though they were.' (Rom 4:17) And until she gets there, I can appreciate and celebrate her journey as I will mine.  And I encourage you to do the same.  Everybody is not a size 2-10 and neither do we have to be.  But until and if we get there, love who you are and more importantly, have faith in God that He'll get you there.

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