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BMW Dallas Marathon

So I did it again. I found out about the BMW Dallas Marathon yesterday afternoon. And don't get me wrong. Had I have found out sooner, I would not have attended. But I so enjoy using the excuse that I didn't find out until the day before. Makes my thick girl flesh feel a little better about not being there. But I didn't let that stop me from participating...virtually! 

Yep! Ya girl did it again. Just like I participated in the Komen Race for the Cure from home in October, in true thick chick fashion, I did the same for this BMW Dallas Marathon. In fact, this is my second 5k this year. Technically, it's my second in two months. Yep 2 for 2 baby! I'm outchea mane! Say what you want, but the fact that I participated from the house says a lot and means a lot to me. I mean yeah, I won't get the bonus medal, coffee mug, hat or the customer finisher jacket. But I did participate.

And judging by the results, I would have come in 809th place, right after Karole J. (807th place) and Zach S. (808th place) who came in at 46:04 and 46:05 respectively. Whoo hoo! That's pretty good. Mr. Rodolfo M came in at 962nd place at 1.35:21. And to him I salute because at least he was there.

But all that aside, don't let the fact that you're out of shape or broke stop you from doing what you really want to do. Do I like saying that I virtually participat