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Body Shaming and Big Girls

I heard Keith Moore, Pastor of Faith Life Church Sarasota, say that we shouldn't tell anyone they should be ashamed of themselves and neither should we carry any shame. Which got me to thinking; this would include body shaming. When I thought about that, I realized that also means that I shouldn't be ashamed of all my lumps and bumps either. So where does body shaming come from? Where did we as women, get to the point where we are ashamed of our own bodies?  

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Breast-teses

Unfortunately, the fashion and entertainment industry has done an outstanding job of bombarding us with images of what our bodies should look like. Over the years, that body type has gotten thinner and thinner; so much so, that the body types now are androgynous which means they are a combination of both male and female body shapes. Which when you think about it is actually unfair to women and especially to women of color. To put models, who can pass for both male and female, (#noshade) does a disservice to the breasts, we as women looked so forward to having as little girls. I don't know about you, but I distinctly remember after reading Judy Blume's, 'Hello God, It's Me Margaret', how excited I got about having boobs. 'I must! I must! I must increase my bust!' is what Margaret shouted. Like Margaret, I actually practiced my chest pumps daily until they finally appeared. But as a woman of color, not only are we breasty, but curvy as well; especially when it comes to our hips, buttocks, and thighs. But to now be shamed into believing that because I did my Margaret inspired exercises and obtained the D cups I so anxiously waited for, along with a lot wagon that I'm dragging, that I shouldn't be afforded the opportunity to wear my plus size clothing just because I have a little more love to handle (i.e. love handles) is simply dehumanizing.


Werk Girl!

In sum, I thank God for using Bro. Moore to help me see the truth about where I am - physically - in my life. To know that I no longer have to be ashamed when I undress is a gift from God. To know that just because I have abc's instead of abs, doesn't disqualify me from wearing a modest, form-fitting Maxi Dress. And so what if I can't afford a high waist, mid thigh body shaper right now because I'm a solopreneur, that shouldn't mean I can't still be confident and look good. I don't know about you, but this 'not being ashamed' is doing wonders for me. Just writing this is liberating! I'm going to embrace every lump, bump and serving of cottage cheese I have because God's not ashamed of me. He may be a little disappointed with my eating and exercise habits, but He's definitely not ashamed of my body and neither will I and girlfriend, neither should you. Go werk it girl! Use your under arm wings to fly above the haters and body shamers you fabulously fluffy daughter