• Staci Sweet

Bus Chronicles: All Men Matter

As I sat in the very back of the bus, where Rosa Parks once refused to sit, my eyes scanned the men that were on their way to work. Many on their way to menial, low paying or laborious jobs; where they’ll use their bodies all day to build another man’s dream. Though all varied in race and pedigree, they all shared one thing in common; they were all trying to do the right thing - the legal way.

As women, we sit alongside these men every day, but some of us won’t even acknowledge their existence. Yet will be the first to lift their hands and cry ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Yes, 'Black Lives Do Matter’, even those living off their legal grind. As women, we gotta do a better job of making a man fell like he matters, not just for what he does and what he has - but for who he is. Celebrate the men in your life trying to do the right thing; no matter how they grind – they do matter.

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