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Cereal Repentance

So you should probably be tired of hearing about my cereal addiction by now, but please humor me. The reason I keep blogging about it is because this is about so much more than cereal. I know this might sound strange, but I even asked God to forgive me for my addiction. Yep! I actually repented for allowing my consumption to get out of hand. But before you start to judge me, let me explain why.

Dr. Rick Renner, Pastor, bestselling author, and Greek scholar said that, "the word “repentance” in the New Testament depicts a complete, radical, total change. It is a decision to completely change or a decision to entirely turn around in the way that one is thinking, believing, and living. It describes a person who is undergoing a complete and radical transformation that literally affects every part of his or her life1." That means I'm actually going to stop eating it all together, in addiction to changing my eating habits. 

You see, this isn't just about cereal, but because I see the error of my ways as it pertains to it, I anticipate this will impact every part of my health and fitness. This fast taught me so much more than just the harm cereal has caused, but it taught me that after all these years of overeating that I can:

  • Still fast

  • Control my appetite, and...

  • Change the way, (why), and what I eat

Though God used cereal, as you can see this was more than that. How good God is to use something as strange as cereal to teach me about the importance of my health. And how wise He is to use my favorite food to teach me that what I thought I liked is not what I need. And if you didn't judge my transparency, He'll do the same for you. Maybe you're not addicted to cereal. Maybe it's weed, alcohol, opiods, sex, or shopping. Whatever "your cereal" is, I challenge you to fast and repent so as to give God the opportunity to change your life.

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Source: Sparkling Gems, Rick Renner.

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