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Chair Ladies, Black Men, & Dirty Hands

So my first call of the day is from a Chairman’s Circle member. It seemed like an ordinary complaint call. But then it took a left turn when I noticed she kept saying, ‘I don’t want those people in my home again. I’ll pay to ship it back.’ I soon realized she was inferring that she'd ship us Negroes back to Africa. At first, I didn’t get it, but then she went on to say that their ‘thuggery wasn’t going to be tolerated.’ Oh-oh! Did this trick, I mean customer just say thuggery to me; knowing she can hear this sistery all up and through my voice? Like clockwork I shut down and all pleasantries were pushed aside. With all the composure I could muster, I politely informed her that she would need to speak with a Supervisor. At which time, she knew I’d peeped game and at this point her ghetto pass had been revoked and she was gone have to get up out these streets without an escort.

What The Problem Is?

So what was the REAL ISSUE here? Was it really about the furniture or was it that she didn’t want minorities in her home? Though it seemed to be about the quality of service, it was clearly the quality of the people that disturbed her. She made comments like, ‘They were lazy and their hands were dirty.’ The hood chick in me was like, ‘You rich but do you not understand that they deliver FURNITURE all day; meaning they’re hands are supposed to be dirty.’ And not only that, but what I’ve learned about manual laborers, because I've had the pleasure of being one, is that if they appeared lazy, it was because whatever she was asking them to do something that wasn’t in their job description. And as such, they had no qualms about letting her know. So when she said that, I knew what was up. But as the conversation progressed, I could tell she was calling for someone’s job. You Complain About Thuggery But You Want Them Fired Too?

I wanted to say, 'So let me get this straight? You don’t want that ‘thuggery’ in your home – which by the way ma’am, thuggin has nothin’ to do with the way a person speaks or if they’re hands are dirty. I know Sarah Palin and Donald Trump got y’all thinkin’ y’all ‘bout that life; but you need to get your heart right.' I digress. ‘And if I’m understanding you correctly, not only do you not want them in your home – but you don’t want them to have a job either? WTW? So these so-called ‘thugs’, that are trying to do the right thing by getting off the block - to deliver furniture -and you don’t want them to do that? Oh, okay ma’am. What you’re saying is if they do, they have to do it in such a way that makes you feel comfortable?'

So how can dudes that were raised by the streets be expected to adhere to delivery etiquette? Which by the way I researched and no such thing exists. So hold up. You have men, that are trying to do the right thing, working a legal, low-paying, manual labor job and instead of saying, ‘At least they’re not on the block, bangin’, hustlin’, locked up, thuggin’ or dead. They’re out here trying to make an honest living, AS TAX PAYING CITIZENS.' Instead of her being the philanthropic person she claims to be and say, 'You know what? Yes they may be a little dirty and I’m not all that thrilled about the way they speak. But I think I’ll give them a tip just to encourage them (which by the way is customary).’ But did she say that? No! She trippin’ bout how they talk and some dirt. Was I really expecting her to say that? No. I just wanted her to look beyond her overpriced furniture and into the hands that were there doing more than a service. They were trying to do the right thing. #HadToVent #SaluteMyBrothers

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