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Chair Ladies, Black Men, & Dirty Hands

So my first call of the day is from a Chairman’s Circle member. It seemed like an ordinary complaint call. But then it took a left turn when I noticed she kept saying, ‘I don’t want those people in my home again. I’ll pay to ship it back.’ I soon realized she was inferring that she'd ship us Negroes back to Africa. At first, I didn’t get it, but then she went on to say that their ‘thuggery wasn’t going to be tolerated.’ Oh-oh! Did this trick, I mean customer just say thuggery to me; knowing she can hear this sistery all up and through my voice? Like clockwork I shut down and all pleasantries were pushed aside. With all the composure I could muster, I politely informed her that she would need to speak with a Supervisor. At which time, she knew I’d peeped game and at this point her ghetto pass had been revoked and she was gone have to get up out these streets without an escort.