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Chronicling the Journey

I started this blog with the intent of teaching the disadvantaged and those living below the national poverty line how to 'eat good in the hood'. For my ebonically challenged readers, that simply means how to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a meager budget.  Well, that was four years ago and my how my life has changed. But one thing that hasn't - is this weight.  In fact, I'm even larger than when I first started to post.  So what is it? 

To be honest, I enjoy food.  You see while most are addicted to kush, Ciroc, sex, and other vices, I'm addicted to food.  There I said it.  My name is Staci and I am an addict.  #JK. But that's how it feels sometimes.  It's like I excuse the fact that I don't smoke, chew or run with those that do, to the fact that I'm only eating. I mean, so what?  It's food.  Ain't nobody gettin' pregnant, sleeping with someone's  husband, or killin' folk.  I mean its only food.  Right?  So what you lookin' at me for?  Could it be that it's because I'm 70 pounds overweight.  And?  I'm thick but I still win.  What?  Yeah, I said it.  I still win. Meaning, I still turn heads. I still command the presence in the room and if I wanted, "I'll take your man!' (in my Salt and Pepa voice) LOLOLOL! No, I'm kidding. But seriously.  Even though it's true (not that I'll take your man) but that I still win.  The truth of the matter is that I need to lose.  Not just this weight, but the mindset that's kept me thinking that its okay to be my size. 

So today, I decided to finally pick up that Fitmen's 'No Cheats Needed' Guide.  Considering the fact that I've had it for months (don't judge me), I finally read a few pages and had an epiphany.  He said that he chronicled his weight loss journey and you know what?  So am I.  Yep! And that's huge because I'm what some call an introvert.  Oftentimes considered anti-social (though I'd prefer to be called aloof). And even though I'm very nice on the eyes, I do not use my powers for evil (in my Austin Powers voice). I'm not the one for pictures and this may sound shocking but I've never...NEVER taken a selfie.  #FRFR. I avoid attention at all costs; which means the fact that I'm actually going to chronicle this thang is HUGE! No pun intended. This is going to be a major step for me.  One that'll require me walking by faith and actually losing this weight and two, the fact that I'm going to let you watch. Through pictures that is.  Have to clarify nowadays.  I digress.

So won't you join me?  Leave your comments and aha moments and we'll walk this thang out together.  Speaking of which?  You walkin' tomorrow?  Until next post...

Know that you are prayed for by,


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