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Cross Carrying Sacrificers

Yesterday I went on a tangent about sacrificial living. Well, it ain’t over 😊! After I realized that God requires obedience rather sacrifice, my life began to unravel before my eyes. That’s because God began to show me that I’ve always GIVEN and LIVED sacrificially. Always. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t sacrificing.

My first sacrifice was in junior high when I started sacrificing my sexual purity just to fit in. That led to my next sacrifice when I started sacrificing my intelligence in high school. I’d literally be tardy to class and roam the halls so that my friends couldn’t see that I was going into the AP classes. That eventually led me to sacrificing my college dreams because instead of finishing my college credit exams my senior year, I hung out with my dope selling friends which would then morph into me sacrificing my desire for a good man and trading him for the many dope boys I dated for decades which ultimately led me to sacrificing my body and dignity.