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Money Has Nothing To Do With It

While on Facebook, I decided to take a look at one of the women I'd like to be my mentors photos, Marshawn Evans, 'Reinvention Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Entertainment Attorney, founder of ME Unlimited, and author of 'SKIRTS in the Boardroom: A Woman's Survival Guide to Success in Business & Life.' And while perusing I noticed a recurring theme; all of the sistas were thick and the white girls were thin.

This immediately reminded me of a conversation I had with my bff.  He's a Global Marketing Strategist for Home Depot and in one of our conversations he made the statement that the majority of the sisters where he worked were fat.  Mine you, when he's talking to me, he's not diplomatic at all so when he said fat, he meant it as F A T!  

I wanted to be offended but I knew better because I'm 60 pounds overweight but I'm on food stamps so I shrugged my shoulders and subliminally charged it to the game.  But as he repeated the statement I knew he was directing it towards me on the slip, so I had to just take it and be truthful.