• Staci Sweet

Designed For Higher

Did you know that a bird was created to fly at the same altitude as an SR-72®; the worlds’ fastest plane that “flies at six times the speed of sound1?” Though the SR-72® travels at speeds topping 4,200 miles per hour and can go as far as 70 miles per minute, it still wasn’t built to be in the air for extended periods of time. That little bird was. Though a Boeing 787 Dreamliner® was designed to carry as many as 330 passengers and go as far as 8,500 nautical miles (15,750 km)2, a bar-tailed godwit was designed to fly solo and can travel as far as 7,500 nautical miles (12,964 km) nonstop3.

See while many of your peers quickly got further financially, you continued to faithfully go higher by paying your tithes and giving offerings. While many were gettin’ it in, you’ve remained celibate, choosing to spend your time getting closer and going HIGHER in God. Sure, many of your peers got their degrees, spouses, and to their destination a lot sooner and more luxuriously than you; but like that bar-tailed godwit, you’ll arrive at the same destination much stronger than your peers. You know why?

Photo Credit: NY Times/Mashable

Because he used his wings, time, and strength - which were given to him by God - to do with his time what God wanted him to do. Like that godwit, you’ve been faithfully spending your time studying the Bible, in non-stop prayer; discovering what God created you to do. But praise God! You know your purpose and you’re finally using your gifts in the business or ministry He created you to steward. And while your peers were enjoying the flight; going through life with having only attended Sunday and Wednesday night Bible service, unlike you, they’re still not in a position to give anyone direction as to how they got there. But because you choose to pray and study longer, you’re now in a position to show others what it took to get closer and go higher in Him.

I know it's been a long time coming, but know that your extended journey was not in vain. Sure, it may have taken a lot longer than you hoped and you may have had to use more of your wing strength to get here - but your time has come! Notice I didn’t say is coming; I said has come! It’s here child of the Most High God! No more waiting! You’ve landed. So just continue to pray, study and enjoy the view!





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