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Doing What’s Expected vs. Doing the Truth

Last week, I was watching the Southwest Believers Victory Campaign, hosted by a general in the faith, Bro. Kenneth Copeland. During an evening session he was led to pray for someone with flu-like symptoms. An African man and his American wife came to the front of the platform for prayer. Bro. Copeland then laid hands on the husband and commanded those symptoms to leave. The husband then stiffened his knees and went back into the catcher’s arms where he was gently placed on the floor. When he laid hands on the wife, she stood there and received the impartation, in truth. Meaning, she didn’t feel as if she should go out under the power, but instead stood there. Because she did, Bro. Copeland continued to minister to her. He said, “There’s something about a baby.” Her face lit up as she told the story of how she’d had two miscarriages and was believing for a child. Bro. Copeland prophesied and told her that she would carry to term. By this time, the husband was back on his feet and they were both elated.

Lie Under the Power or Stand in Truth

What God wants us to see, is that as Christians we’ve been taught that when hands are laid, the thing to do is to pass out under the power. Had she done so, she would have missed the prophesy about her unborn child. Bro. Copeland would have walked right pass them both as they lie on the ground under the supposed power of God and went on to something else. Because remember, he was led to pray for flu-like symptoms. Yes, they would have received their healing, but had she not stood in truth, she would have missed her promise. John 4:24 says, ‘God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” Had she not stood in the truth of her spirit which prompted her not to fall out, she would have prevented the Word of the Prophet about her future pregnancy from coming to pass.

Think about that for a moment. She and her husband probably went to the Believers Convention believing for a myriad of things; the most important of which was to have a baby. Had they passed out and lie there on the ground, they would have literally lied there because that wasn’t the truth. Don’t allow tradition to get in the way of what God has promised you. All too often we have been quick to do what is expected as opposed to doing what we know is the truth. An Unconventional Birth Though you may not be believing for a baby, there is something that God wants to birth in you; whether it’s a book, business, ministry, product, deliverance, healing, or victory; to name a few. You too have miscarried because you tried to birth it the traditional way. But you’re carrying an unconventional child which means it will come to term by unconventional means. Stop doing what tradition calls for. Stop living life like everybody else. Your tradition is blocking Almighty God from delivering His promise to you. Don’t pass out or quit because you’ve failed in the past. Stand there and receive that Word. And get ready to enjoy baby making process because you're getting ready to birth the promise.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I ask that You’d show me every area where I’ve tried to birth something traditionally and failed as a result. Please show me how to bring what You have birthed in my spirit to pass unconventionally and scripturally. In Jesus’ name.

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