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Engaging the Impossible

I woke up this morning about 4am for prayer. I started preparing my spirit by turning on BVOV and ‘Fix the Money Thing with Gary and Drenda Keesee’, was on. In it, he mentioned something that woke my spirit right up. He said, ‘Doing the impossible means engaging the process.’ That spoke volumes to me because I saw that to actually do the impossible, you’re going to have to engage, act, and embrace what needs to be done. It reminded me of when I was a little girl and I wanted to fly. I’d climb on top of my grandparent’s garage, flap my arms and jump! The goal was to fly from the top of their garage, across the fence, and into LaTricia’s backyard; which was only five feet away. I’d climb and jump; over and over again. Needless to say, I never made it, but I kept trying. God showed me that doing the impossible is a lot like that. You see, I was trying to do it like how I’d seen the birds do. But I’m a human and God didn’t create me to fly. If I’d have known anything about faith back then, I’m pretty sure God could have given me a witty idea for an invention that I could have worked on to complete my mission. But He couldn’t, and you know why?

My mom and I, circa 1974 - in front of the garage

Because I didn’t need to be in Tricia’s yard. I wasn’t marooned on top of my grandparent’s garage. If I was stranded and needed to get to her backyard, God would have put air under my arms and given me supernatural strength to get there. But no one deserted me. On top of that, there were other alternatives. Just as easily as I scaled the garage, I could have climbed over their fence or even walked around their house and asked Mrs. Shears if I could go into their backyard. The point I’m trying to make is that whatever your impossible is, let God help you.

For me, my impossible is to speak at conferences, author bestselling books and write award-winning plays and films. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get into those fields the traditional way and if you’re reading this, neither will you. The enemy has cut off and blocked those points of entries for us which means like Jesus we’re going to have to walk on water into those places or God is going to give us supernatural strength to fly into their yards. Though we’ve embraced the process, what’s hindered us is that we thought we had to do it the traditional way. You know, do it like the birds do. But that’s their way. You and I can’t accomplish our impossible missions mimicking and packaging ourselves like we’ve seen others do. We’ve got to do it God’s way which means we’ve got to keep embracing and engaging in our process because when it’s all said and done, we’ll be in their backyards and not only that, one day, we’ll own the fields.

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