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Hellish Situations

‘And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.”’(Luke 23:46)

Yesterday during service, my Pastor said that even in the face of death, Jesus trusted God; which led me to ask: Why would Jesus need to trust God when He was dying? And that's because He knew He was headed to hell. Also, why would He need to trust God in hell and how does this apply to me? Then I saw it. In 2015 I was faced with my own mini-hell. I foolishly left my job to work full-time for myself. At the time, I’d secured three new clients and business was promising. However, within a matter of weeks, those clients rescinded and soon thereafter I was evicted. Having moved 1800 miles to Florida, I had no friends or family in which I could stay, which meant I’d be faced with homelessness. My insides curled as I locked the storage, not knowing what lied ahead. Only to soon discover, I'd have to stay in a shelter. Though I didn’t know how, I knew that God would get me out of that situation. But here’s the thing. He didn’t. Why? Because I was disobedient. I knew not to quit my job, but I did it anyway. And because I chose to do my own thing; my way led to a place I should have never been.

Living In Hell

God didn’t get me out because I had to it my way. And that way was through homelessness. I had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and walk for an hour and a half as I waited for the first bus. I had to go to the library, day after day to use the computer; in hopes that I could get another housekeeping job. I had to make the hopeless walk down the boulevard at 6pm to check into a place that I so didn’t want to be. Not comparing my situation to hell, but I’m sure Jesus didn’t want to be there. But He went because of my disobedience. So how does this affect you?

Facing Hellish Circumstances

Because of your own disobedience, you too may have to face your own hell; relationally, physically, financially or spiritually. But like Jesus, went to and through hell for our salvation, you too can face it in faith knowing that God will get you through it. Notice I said get through. And that’s because during those times, you’ll want God to get you out it. But the only way to get out of what you’re facing is to go through it. Don’t fight, don’t run and don’t be afraid. Go through it. Am I saying yield to something that is not of God? Absolutely not! But some of what you’re about to face is because you didn’t obey God. And as such, you are going to have to go through it. But know this. If you’ll commit your spirit to God, He will make sure you go through as painlessly and as quickly as possible. So in the meantime…

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I do not want to face what I see coming. Lord, I know it’s not Your will that this happen to me and whatever I did to bring this about, I ask You to please forgive me. I ask You for a ‘get through’ grace; one that’ll keep me in Your Word and on my face; one that won’t complain while I’m in it or seek pity from others as I do. And Lord, however long it takes, please be with me while I go through. In Jesus’ name.

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