• Staci Sweet

Higher Not Further

As I was glancing at the sky, a small bird passed by so I decided to watch him. Though he didn't get far, he did go HIGHER than he went further. As I sat there, I found myself wanting him to get further ahead, but instead he continued to go HIGHER. In that moment I realized that's exactly what God is doing with so many of us. He's taking us HIGHER; meaning we're getting CLOSER to Him than maybe perhaps we are further along in our finances. We're actually HIGHER spiritually than we are further FINANCIALLY.

As I continued to watch that small bird, I thought “Well since he is so high, once he pushes pass the wind, he'll be higher than the planes; plus he'll be further along.” And the same is true for you.

Though some of your peers may be married and enjoying the finer things in life or though many may be further along in their careers and ministry, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re closer to God. Neither does it negate the time you’ve invested getting closer and going HIGHER in Him because you’re not where they are. Once you push pass the wind, struggles, and hindrances that forced you to go HIGHER in God, you too will be further financially and HIGHER spiritually than everyone else.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, thank You for teaching me how to get closer to You. Thank You for showing me how to appreciate who I am and value where I am in You. Lord, help me not to compare myself with others and continue to remind me that as I go higher spiritually that it will eventually lead me to be further financially. In Jesus’ name.