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Homelessness and Covenant

As mentioned in my last issue, two years ago today I was homeless. I'd just moved from Texas to Florida with a one way bus ticket and a backpack filled with a toothbrush, brush, umbrella, Bible, Concordance, and a laptop. I had one outfit, a pair of old sneakers and less than $40 to my name. Because I knew absolutely no one, I went to a shelter. The first two weeks, it rained profusely almost every day. This particular day was extremely bad. I had to be out of the shelter by 5:00am and the buses didn’t start running until 5:45am; which meant, I had to be on the corner like a pro for forty-five minutes. Hungry and sleepy, the bus finally arrived which meant I had to make two more transfers to get to the Library in order to use their wifi; so that I could continue my job search. Only that day, the server was down. Frustrated, I left in route to go to another. As I sat on the bus stop, the rain relentlessly pummeted my umbrella as I sat discouraged. Time seemed to creep by as I was pummeled by the high water that rested in front of the stop. I watched as car after car sped with intensity to their destiny; only to splash me in their wake.

A Covenant Reminder

The bus finally arrived which meant I’d have to go downtown and wait for yet another – in the rain. As I sat on the corner of Orange and State Street, tears streamed from my eyes. All I could do was listen to praise and worship through my headphones as I prayed and asked; how did I get here, was leaving Texas a mistake and what was I going to do? Almost immediately, the rain stopped and I looked up at the clouds. There, in the sky, was a rainbow and I knew instantly everything would be alright. You see, after the flood, God told Noah in Genesis 9:11, 13, that He would ‘establish [His] covenant with [him].’ He told him, ‘I will set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant…’ In that moment, I knew God was reminding me that He was in covenant with me; which, meant all would be well. Though I was in the middle of a financial flood, He was going to take care of me here. Has it been easy? No, but I’ve been graced.

Whether you’re facing homelessness, a financial storm, or an emotional flood; know that you are in covenant with God. It may seem as if you’ve made a mistake or maybe you have missed it – yet again, and think that you have to sit there and let the devil pummel you. Regardless your situation, know that God has not forgotten about you. Know that no matter how dreary, fruitless, and hopeless it may seem, you are covered and in covenant. Psalm 121:1 says, ‘I will lift up my eyes to the hills— from whence comes my help? My help comes from the LORD…’ Look up and don’t be discouraged; because the Son’s headed your way with help in His hands!

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I don’t know what to do. It seems like I’m doing the wrong thing and that nothing is working. I feel like I’ve missed it. Lord, if I’m supposed to be here, help me to stay. If I missed You along the way, please come find me and get me to the place where I’m supposed to be. In Jesus’ name.

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