How To Immerse (On Healing)

After writing ‘Refusing Lack Byway of Immersion Learning’, I realized some may not know how.When I say immerse, that means you soak and sit.Say for instance you received a bad diagnosis, you need to immerse yourself on healing; immersion by way of listening, watching, confessing, and talking about NOTHING but healing.

I once heard Dr. Creflo Dollar, Senior Pastor of World Changers Church International, give his testimony about doing exactly that when he was diagnosed with cancer. He said at that moment, he realized that he was under attack. That it wasn’t just about being sick or having a disease; but that his very life was at stake. He made the decision to tell only those that 'needed to know' and thereafter, he immediately began to IMMERSE on nothing but healing teachings. He didn’t want to talk about anything but healing. He didn’t want to hear anything but healing. And this is because he had to become so IMMERSED that he was speaking the language of the kingdom and even though his body was telling him he was sick, God's Word said that he was healed. He had to feed his spirit on what God said in spite of the symptoms and pain he was experiencing.

It wasn’t that he was denying that he had cancer, but by immersing himself in the Word, he was refusing it’s right to stay.You see without immersing yourself, the symptoms and pain will begin to speak to you and they’ll become loud. But the way to silence them is by listening, watching, and reading the Word of God.

Ways to Immerse

When you wake: Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to pray (in the Spirit) and confess your healing scriptures. This is actually taking your spiritual medication.

Getting ready for work: Listen to faith-building healing teachings or music while you shower and get dressed.

If you take public transit: Read your Bible or listen to healing teachings on your iPhone or iPod.

Commuting To Work: Listen to faith-building teachings. According to the U.S. Census Bureau1, the average American spends at least 100 hours commuting to work. You can obtain an Associate’s degree in less than 67 hours.Just think if you used this time to build yourself up in the Word.

At your workstation: Keep your healing scriptures in your desk drawer or as a screensaver so that you can see them every time you open it and if allowed, continue to listen to faith based teachings or music.

On your break: Take a prayer walk or go to your car for those 15 minutes and just be quiet.

Social Media: The time spent checking Facebook or Twitter, devote to immersing.