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Hypocritically Healthy

Yay me! I've lost about 6 lbs. To us thick girls, 6 lbs is like 16! I don't know how I'm doing it, other than I'm not eating as much as I used to. I guess it's portion control; only, I'm not really trying to control my portions. In that, its not deliberate...well maybe it is. But it's nothing elaborate. You know how they tell you to buy the containers and precook your meals for a week? Yeah, its NOTHING like that. I'm just not eating 2 or 3 chicken breasts at a time. Instead, I'm butterflying one and telling myself its the same. A part of me wants to feel guilty for sharing my good news because you might not be doing so well. And if you aren't, that's okay. Everybody falls off every now and then. You'll be back on your grind in a minute. Until then don't feel guilty. 

But I wanted to share with you an article I read in The Atlantic about 'Being Black in Anerica Can Be Hazardous to Your Health'. In it, Kiarra, a 27-year-old receptionist for Maryland Community Health Initiatives who was 200 pounds overweight brought up a point I think many struggle with. She said that she 'worried that if she lost too much weight, the other girls in the club would think she was a hypocrite1.' She'd 'founded a club for plus-size women called Beautiful Beyond Weight, with some of her best friends. The goal was to help overweight women feel better about themselves. They put on fashion shows that she described as “Beyoncé big, but on a Christina Aguilera budget2.” Her desire to not be hypocritical was one of the reasons she remained overweight. And if the truth be told, some of you do too.

It's like the stripper who wants to stop stripping but she's afraid to leave the life because she's not sure how she'll take care of herself. She feels God tugging on her heart, but she doesn't trust Him enough to walk away. That's what can happen in this plus-size world of ours. We get used to being overweight, sitting a certain way, looking how we look all while eating what we want to eat. Only we know we want to get fine. Besides that, we know its best for our health that we do. But some excuse it and stay fluffy because they're too comfortable with who they've become. But can I tell you something? You will always be a thick girl at heart even if you lose all that weight. You know why? Because that big girl will motivate you to stay fine and help other big girls get like you

We're not supposed to stay fat. That's not the goal. I'm not saying become a size 2 or 6, but get to a weight where you know you're where you want to be; even if that's a size 18 or 26. Your goals aren't everyone else's. But don't let theirs keep you trapped in a body that's ready to come out. 

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