• Staci Sweet

Imagining How God Gets You Out

Mark 6:47, 48 - ‘…when evening came, the boat was in the middle of the sea; and He was alone on the land….Now about the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea….’ Mark 6:47, 48

Jesus never did anything God didn’t tell Him to do; neither did He go anywhere God didn’t tell Him to go. So when ‘He came to them, walking on the sea’; it was only because God told Him to. So how did Jesus get to the point where He knew He could actually walk on the water to get there? Because in that moment Jesus was facing a seemingly impossible situation and at this moment so was I – so I needed answers.

For any Bible student, one of the first lessons you learn is to always go the scripture for answers. So if you were Jesus and the only place you could recall where the Bible said anything about seemingly impossible ‘watery’ situations was when God parted the Red Sea; wouldn’t your first inclination be to say, “Well Lord, I see in Exodus 14 where you parted the Red Sea for Moses. So based on this Word, I’m asking You to part this sea for me so that I can go where You told me to go?’ And I don’t know about you, but me being the great woman of faith that I am, I’d have gone in search of a stick or something that looked like the rod Moses had and I’d have been flinging my arms, spitting and shouting, decreeing and declaring for it to part. And you know what; it never would have and I’d still be on the shore; hot, mad and agg’ed - thinking I was waiting on God.

Why? Because just because He parted the sea for Moses doesn’t mean that’s how God handles all 'watery' or seemingly impossible situations. You see so many times, we randomly choose a scripture to stand on and believe that God is going to take care of ours – in the exact same way He did in His Word. No, the fact that He did it is all we need; how He does it isn’t up to us. But so many times we make the mistake of holding on to the way He did it as opposed to standing on the truth that He did. We’ll go further into this in future issues; but until then…

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, will You please forgive me when I was so caught up in the way You were going to handle this seemingly impossible situation that I probably missed the way You really wanted to deliver me? Lord, help me to not get caught up in how You deliver me and to just be thankful for the fact that You are. In Jesus’ name.

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