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Jump or Get Pushed

<Today> I was let go. Oh, I don’t say that to elicit attention or pity, I share this because you need to hear it. After the Team Manager shared the news, they gave me an opportunity to respond. You may be shocked, but immediately out of my spirit I said, ‘Thank You Jesus!’ And though that might sound strange because to some, my financial future is in limbo, God showed me my departure from His point of view.

My Dream Job

For some reason, I now feel like my life is in midflight; like I’m in the air. And that’s because while I was there, I was stuck on top of Customer Care mountain; in that I’d gone as far as I could go. The great thing about it is that now I realize I’d gone as far as I was supposed to go and even better, I’d gone as far as God needed me to. My mission there was done. I’d lived my dream. You see, since I was a child, I always wanted to work for Neiman Marcus. My aunt would share stories of her experiences in the candy department. I thought, ‘How cool is that? I want to work there too!' That’s because our last name is Sweet. Get it? (#anywho) But, for years, whenever I’d go downtown, I’d gaze from the windows of the discount store, H.L. Green, onto the beautiful high-end window displays and think, ‘One day, I’m gonna work there.’ In October 2015 that childhood dream came true. Long story short, I over slept, and that dream became a nightmare as I soon found myself stuck on top of Customer Care mountain.

Pushed Off the Mountain

I was at the peak of the Customer Care mountain and I had two choices; jump or get pushed. Because I’ve jumped prematurely before, I stayed on the mountain, knowing there was no other place but to stay. While up there, I managed to get a seasonal promotion. That was the peak. After that, I was escorted back down the mountain. Thankfully, over time, I managed to climb up the rough side of the mountain again; only this time I received a Shining Star Award. Throughout my tenure, it was painfully clear that that would be the only mountain they’d ever let me climb. After repeatedly being misused, mistreated, overworked, underpaid and disrespected, I was now on the edge of the cliff with only two options. And instead of jumping, I got pushed….by two sisters. I was pushed off a mountain where I’d been dangling for years. Now I’m in the air where I belong. Ready to be what I was awarded, a Shining Star; the light on the lamp post that should not have been hid in a call center. So, thank you, Neiman Marcus for letting me go and giving me my freedom to do what God created me to.

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