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Making Time for God

REAL ISSUE: ‘My schedule doesn’t allow me to spend quality time with God. I don’t have the time which is why my word-level is low. What can I do?’


And the foolish said to the wise, “Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.” Matthew 25:8

In this series we’ve already discussed how to identify when your word-level is low and provided you with a plethora of resources to replenish your supply. In this issue, I’ll keep it simple and provide practical ways for you to implement your spiritual strategy on how to spend time with God.


When you wake up,

set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to pray (in the Spirit) and read the Word out loud.

Getting ready for work,

put the CD Player in the bathroom and listen while you shower or shave.

If you take public transit, read your Bible or listen to teachings on your iPhone or iPod.

Driving to work or running errands, listen to faith-building CD’s.

At your workstation,

keep scriptures in your desk drawer so that you can see them every time you open it.

On your break,

download teachings on your iPod and take prayer walk or go to your car for those 15 minutes and just be quiet.

The time you would have spent checking Facebook or Twitter,

read the Bible, my blog or other devotionals.

On your lunch,

read your Bible, take another prayer walk, or go to your car and listen to CD’s.

While you’re in the grocery store, gym, or at your child’s practice,

put your headphones on and listen to teachings.

In your kitchen,

keep a scripture God has put on your heart on the refrigerator door

and say it out loud whenever you get a chance.

In your bathroom,

have a faith-building book dealing with your situation readily available for reading.

After you get home from work and you reach for the remote, put in a faith-building DVD.

While you’re preparing your meals, put your laptop in the kitchen and download some teachings.

When putting your children to bed, read them a biblical bedtime story.

While you’re cleaning the house, blast faith-building CD’s.

Go to bed, at least twenty minutes earlier and read the Word out loud. You don’t have to read several chapters,

but at least one a day. Or write in your journal of what the Lord did for you for the day.

Then pray and be still. Do this without any television or music going.

And everyone can do this one.

When you lay down,

listen to a faith-building CD and allow the Word of God to feed your spirit while you sleep.

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