• Staci Sweet

My Cereal Confession

So for a while I've been planning to go on a fast. I know what you're thinking. How can a thick chick pull that off ? Well, if you must know, I used to fast regularly in my days as a baby Christian. "I don't mean to brag...I don't mean to boast..."(says lyrics from Rappers Delight) but I have actually fasted for 3, 7, 27, and even 40 days. Now don't go lookin' at me like that, I did. Not a water only fast, but 100% juice fasts. I fasted so much during those days that now, as a mature believer, I see it actually hurt. That's because a lot of those fasts weren't led of the Lord. Those fasts were me trying to be super spiritual which led me to not fast at all which eventually led me to struggle with this thick chick syndrome I now suffer with today. I digress.

But I woke up this morning around 4:45am and decided that I needed to. Back then I would just fast to be fasting. You know, just to say that I was fasting, which the Bible says we're not supposed to but I did it anyway, which made everyone at church think I was a super saint. But after many spiritual failures, I've learned that there has to be a reason for the fast. And though I shouldn't be telling you this, I can because this time I'm not trying to be glorified, but so that prayerfully, you'll learn from my fasting failures. With that being said, I decided I'd fast to get closer to God. But as I prayed, I realized that maybe this time, I should do the mature thing and ask Him what I should fast for and do you know what the Spirit of the Living God put on my heart - CEREAL. Wait, what now? 

The Story Behind My Addiction

You see since I was a little girl, I've always LOVED cereal. As long as I can remember, cereal has always been my staple food. Even now, it brings back memories because whenever I'd visit my father on the weekends, I could be sure that he'd have a big box of Cocoa Pebbles waiting on me. And when he dropped me over my grandparents, I knew Big Momma would have a box of Sugar Smacks on top of her green refrigerator that my older cousin Terry would have to pour. Yep, those were good times. Fast forward forty years, and I must admit, I'm addicted to it. So much so, that I'd rather have cereal than pizza, nachos, or even cake.

My addiction to cereal had gotten so out of hand, that I can eat a box a day, and I mean only a box a day. And to me, that was good because at least I wasn't eating anything else. So while other thick folk were enjoying ribeyes, fries, and a host of other fattening foods, ya girl was chucking spoonfuls of cereally bliss down her throat. So how dare you judge me? Oh, wait. You're not. But now that I've shared the fact that I can eat over 46 ounces of cereally goodness with you, I must confess. My name is Staci, and I'm a cereal addict. There I said it. Now let's see where this 24-hour fast gets me.

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