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My Want To

So...I did it again. The BMW Dallas Marathon was today. Not the 5k but the marathon, marathon where the runners run 26 mile. I say 26 miles. But I'm not a runner. I'm a power walker and thick girl jogger. So ya girl did another 5k and guess what? I beat yesterday's time!!!! Yesterday I would have come in 809th place at a whooping speed of 46.06 minutes. Today, I held down 764th place at a lighting fast speed of 43.04 minutes. What? How I am just going to shave 3.02 minutes off my time in less than 24 hours? Because I wanted to.

That statement within itself is sobering because it tells me that when I WANT TO DO something, I DO IT. The other sobering part about that statement is that I realize that I really haven't WANTED TO lose weight. Don't get me wrong. I don't like the fact that I weigh 25 lbs. more than two time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders. But the truth is that I do. Which means I WANT TO. That sounds strange but I have to be truthful to myself and so should you.