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  • Staci Sweet

Oil for Your Word-Level

ISSUE: “I know my word-level is low but I don’t know what to do!”


‘And the foolish said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.’ Matthew 25:8

In our last issue we discussed how to identify when your word-level is low. But I wanted to be sure you knew exactly what to study because when I first gave my life to Christ, I was all over the place. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, so when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues, I had no idea what to do or what was happening to me – but I knew it was right. One spiritual mentor or really the only person I knew at the time, who spoke in tongues or had any relationship with God, told me two things; tongues was of God and to keep my television and radio on TBN or Christian programming at all times.

Well I did just that and for years I got more and more confused. Let me explain why. I was so hungry for God and I really wanted ‘a word’ from Him. So I’d watch one show and they’d tell me that I needed to be broken – so I asked God to break me. I watched another program and she said that in order for God to use you greatly and to have a worldwide ministry, you were going to have to go through some terrible times. I didn’t know about the terribleness, I just wanted to be used and have a worldwide ministry – so I inadvertently prayed to go through terrible times.

This type of spiritual rollercoaster went on for eleven (11) years. Yes, for eleven years I had no spiritual stability in my life which meant my personal life was in turmoil as well. Though I went to a few churches and submitted myself to the Pastor, there was still something missing in my life. As I stated in the last issue, it’s not just reading the Word, going to church, or watching TBN night and day that gives you victory - its reading and studying the Word specifically about what you’re experiencing.

The Spirit of the Lord prompted me to put this issue together so that you, my faithful readers or anyone you may know, will not have to suffer or endure the same hardships I faced because of lack of knowledge. I have comprised a list of issues you may be facing and provided resource links to websites as well. If you’re unemployed or on a fixed income, a few of these sites provide downloads of all their materials or you can view their broadcasts online, free of charge. I would just ask that when you are able to sow back into their ministries.

This is not an exhaustive list and only serves as a tool to guide you in the right direction. If there are any issues not listed, please leave a comment and I will prayerfully direct you accordingly.


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