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Over 40 and Still Growing

As I was looking over my life, at 47, I haven’t accomplished much. I still see that there are many opportunities to grow in certain areas; especially in my finances and personality. While in prayer, I was thanking God for how patient and forbearing He’s been with me all these years; especially through the failures, sin, and mistakes. During that time of thanksgiving, He dropped it on my heart that this is why He gives us 120 years (Genesis 6:3). To allow us time to grow, develop, change and mature. People would have you to think that you should know everything by the time you graduate college, which is usually by the age of 22. By the time you’re 30, you should be married and ready for your first child. And by the time you’re 35, you should be saving for retirement. Which leaves most to believe that by the time they hit 40, they should have already accomplished all of the above. But what if you don’t?

Age Doesn't Determine Accomplishment

What if you’re close to 30 and still haven’t gone to college? What if you’re close to 50 and have never been married? What if you’re 60 and don’t own a home? What if you’re 70 and have never traveled out of the country? What if you’re an uneducated widower, over 80 who’s still renting? Does that make you a failure? Should your age stop you from working towards things? And those are only financial milestones. What if you’re single, over 60 and and still having premarital sex? What if you’re over 70 and are bitter and judgmental? What if you’re 90 and are still a gossip? Does your age determine your level of maturity or dictate where you should be in life? To a certain extent. But age is not the end all.

Growing Old vs Becoming More Mature

Since God has promised us 120 years, there’s still time for that 30-year-old to get their degree and that 50-year-old can still meet the man of her dreams. That 60-year-old can save for the next five or six years for a down payment to purchase their first home and that 70-year-old still has time to get their passport. That single, 60-year-old still has time to close her legs so that she can meet her future hubby and the 70-year-old bitter and judgmental person still has time to forgive and learn how to keep their penetrating observations to themselves. You know why? Because they still have 30, 60, 70, and 80 years to develop and mature. And if we would look at life in terms of growth and maturity, perhaps we would look forward to growing old; as opposed to thinking life after retirement will be filled with aches, pains, and memory loss.

Older Children

You see this is the lie of the enemy. He would have us to believe that growing old isn’t exciting. But my question to you is why not? So, what you’re over 40 and have yet to be the person you see on your vision board. Guess what, you’ve still got 80 years! There’s still time for you to grow into the vision God’s placed on your heart. God is so gracious that He gives us time, space and opportunity to work out the kinks in our character, personality, and finances. Yes, you should have accomplished more than you have by now. But you still have plenty of time to learn, grow, and mature into the man or woman God created you to be. But while you do, you must remember this: you are still a child in God’s eyes. He’s your Heavenly Father and if He is, then by default, that makes you His child. And as a child, even at 90, you still have time to grow. Don’t let your age dictate what you can and cannot, should and should not be doing. You are never to old to step out on faith and more importantly, you’re never to old to learn.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I know I should be a lot further in life and I know I’m immature in certain areas. For that I repent. But Lord, thank You for giving me time to change and space to grow, develop and mature. In Jesus’ name.

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