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Pray in Good Things

This morning I woke up at approximately 12:20am. Usually, when I’m up that early in the fourth watch its for emergency intercession. Meaning, someone somewhere needs prayer. This morning however was different. As I prayed in the Spirit, I realized that so many times, as believers, we’ve only prayed about what the devil is doing and not about what God has already done. But as the Lord put on my heart this morning: It’s time we pray in good things.

Praying About Bad or Good Things

If you know me, then you know that I’m a Word girl; meaning, I have to have scripture for it. That said, I wanted to check myself to ensure that what I was hearing wasn’t just me but that it was from the Lord and could be backed up in the Word. So, is it biblical for us to pray about good things? Go with me to Acts 2:4-11 which says ‘And [the disciples] were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were….from every nation…[those who]…heard [the disciples] speak in his own language…[and] they were all amazed and marveled’ because they heard them, ‘speaking in…tongues [about] the wonderful works of God.” Notice it says they were speaking (praying) about, ‘the wonderful works of God.’ Not the problems, crises, and attacks of the devil, but about the wonderful works of God. Good things. Yes, there is a time when we should pray for answers to our problems, intercede, and take authority over our enemies, but we should spend even more time praying about the wonderful works of God.

When Praise Outweighs Your Prayers

Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin once told the account of a woman who sought God for healing. While seeking, God showed her a scale. On one side of the scale was her prayers while on the other, her praise. He told her that when her PRAISE OUTWEIGHED HER PRAYERS that she would be healed. For the next few days she did nothing but praise and on the second day, she was totally healed. She didn’t just pray about the disease, take authority over the spirit of infirmity and make her daily confessions which would be essentially the same as praying about the problems and attacks of the enemy. All of which, we should do. But she also HAD to praise God for HIS wonderful works. Therefore, her praise was merely her acceptance, her receipt for her healing.

Using Both Hands to Receive the Wonderful Works of God

Jesus said that, ‘...whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.’ Believe that you receive them even though you don’t physically have them in your body and in your life. The thing about it is that receive is an interesting word because it means to ‘accept and take’ which means that receiving is two-fold. With one hand, you have to accept whatever things you are believing for from God, and with the other hand, you have to take those same things from the enemy. You have to accept the plan, anointing, and grace from God in order to take those things from the enemy and those he uses. Therefore, receiving requires two hands. One hand accepts while the other takes which means you’re going to have to use both hands to receive your healing, deliverance from addictions, weight loss, your business, ministry, promotion, future spouse, lands, vehicles, equipment, wealth, or whatever things you’re believing for.

So when you think about it, not only should you use both your hands to accept and to take but you should lift those same hands to praise God for His wonderful works. So why don’t you take a moment and praise God for the accepting and taking that’s about to take place in Your life!

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