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Quitting out of Pride

It has always been a dream of mine to run a marathon. Unfortunately, in the past, I've given up on myself before reaching that goal. Buy why? I think it all started on the track field in 1983. I was on the girl's track team at J. L. Long Middle School. I was usually always the fastest; whether it was on my block or on someone else's. No one, including boys, could outrun me. That all changed my seventh grade year. I met my then friend Lisa and she was freakishly fast. When we both tried out for the team, she got last leg which meant I had to be 3rd. That totally threw me off because the fastest spots go to first and fourth. This sudden shift meant I was no longer the fastest chick. After hearing the news, a little part of me died on the field. But I kept running...until the pride of it all drove me to quit.