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Quitting out of Pride

It has always been a dream of mine to run a marathon. Unfortunately, in the past, I've given up on myself before reaching that goal. Buy why? I think it all started on the track field in 1983. I was on the girl's track team at J. L. Long Middle School. I was usually always the fastest; whether it was on my block or on someone else's. No one, including boys, could outrun me. That all changed my seventh grade year. I met my then friend Lisa and she was freakishly fast. When we both tried out for the team, she got last leg which meant I had to be 3rd. That totally threw me off because the fastest spots go to first and fourth. This sudden shift meant I was no longer the fastest chick. After hearing the news, a little part of me died on the field. But I kept running...until the pride of it all drove me to quit.  

Fast forward thirty-four years and that seventh grader still has a desire to run. Only she's 225 lbs now. But that 110 lb, 13-year-older still wants to get it. The good thing about it is that now I know I can; I just can't quit this time. But the 47-year-old has no desire to actually run a 26-mile marathon. After careful consideration, I had to ask myself why would I want to jog an average of 390 minutes? I mean, do I really want to jog 6.5 hours without getting paid? No! But I am going to do a 5k or perhaps a 10k. But for now, I'm seriously training for that 5k. Don't know where. Don't know when. But ya girl be on the mill. #frfr 

My advice to you: that thing that you left on the field, go get it. Doesn't matter if its 34 years later, go do it! Because you never know how that thing is impacting you today. I mean think about it. What if I would have humbled myself and ran 3rd leg?  Where would my life be today? One things for sure. I definitely wouldn't be a hundred pounds overweight. Don't be like me. Go back to those time when you quit out of pride. Ask God to forgive you and go do that thing that's still in your heart to do.

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