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Seeing the Impossible Through Hypocrisy

Sometimes when I watch cable news, I question if its true. I wonder if what I’m hearing and if what I’m seeing is really real. I think that because a lot of what’s happening today seems impossible. And though I’m hearing and seeing it, you wouldn’t think anyone would ever say anything about, or much less do anything about it and thus explains the impossible-ness of it. And this is where Luke 12:1,2 became really real to me. Jesus said, ‘Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known.’ That means, all the impossible reports we're seeing on the news is nothing but people, systems, and their hidden ways of doing things being made known. But why are so many being exposed? Because as the Lord puts it – hypocrisy.

The Hypocrisy of Old Money

A better way to explain it is by using something that we can all understand – money. New money is exposing old money because old money failed to let new money in. Old money wouldn’t let new money in, so new money had to discover another way to get in the money game because old money said that the reason new money couldn't get in the money game is because new money acted immorally. You see, old money prides themselves on their morality so old money used their morality to try to block new money from getting in the money game. Therefore, much of what we see is new money exposing the hypocrisy of old money because as it turns out, old money isn’t as moral as they pretend to be. And thus we are all seeing the downfall of old money. To most, this isn’t surprising because those of us who aren't in the money game (yet) have known all along that old money has many skeletons in their closets filled with money. But the reason old money hadn’t been exposed was because old money controlled all the money. Old money used to control all the money because old money would suppress or oppress anybody trying to get money. But new money has their own money which means old money can’t suppress or oppress new money and thus we are seeing old money’s personal life and immoral ways being exposed which to those who aren't in the money game (yet) seems unreal i.e. impossible. Yet it is because sometimes that’s how the impossible works.

Seeing the Impossible Through Hypocrisy

The impossible can sometimes be seen through exposure of people, systems, and their hidden ways. In a positive sense, the impossible is seen through revelation. Hence, God revealing what was hidden for your good. On the other hand, the impossible can be seen through exposure. Exposure is similar to revelation because something about someone is a negative sense. An example of this can be seen in photography.

Prior to smartphones, cameras were used to take pictures. In the camera was film that could only be developed in darkness. Much of what old money did is similar to the film, in that much of what they did was done in the dark. Their immorality was hidden from the light for a long period of time but has since been exposed. And though it took a long time for the situation to develop, while in darkness, God in His mercy, gave old money an opportunity to repent of their immoralities. Yet they didn’t which means now old money is being exposed. On one hand it’s old money being exposed. On the other, it’s us seeing the impossible. That's because sometimes the impossible is revealed through exposure and unfortunately, sometimes, that exposure may be seen through someone’s hypocrisy. Again, sometimes the impossible has to be shown through someone’s moral failures. Don't Judge Hypocrisy

The thing about it is that while we watch old money's hidden secrets be made public, we shouldn't judge or condemn old money. Proverbs 24:17,18 says, ‘Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles.’ Though old money may be enemies of a culture or have done despicable things, we shouldn’t be glad, judge, or put our mouths on them.

Judge not that you be not judged.’ (Matthew 7:1) ...who are you to judge another’s servant?’ (Romans 14:4)

I know we’ve been waiting a long time to see what we’re seeing today, but let’s be mindful to keep ourselves from also being exposed. The way to avoid this is to not judge. Have I done this perfectly? Not. At. All. But I’m studying Mercy and Judgment and am making every effort to rid myself of all judgment which includes NOT sharing my penetrating opinions about those being exposed. I am doing my all out best to keep my mouth off of old money because I plan on getting in the money game. What about you?

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