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Self-Sabotaging Dreams

Welp! I almost did it to myself again. What you might ask? Self-sabotage. I haven't jogged since Wednesday, June 6th. On that day, I jogged 2.267 miles for 34.05 minutes, but I haven't jogged since. Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't (and won't) totally self-destruct. I have worked out during that time. I'd walk outside at least two to three times a week; all the while, knowing I needed to get back on that treadmill because I wasn't just jogging to be jogging; I was jogging towards a dream.

Goals Turn Into Dreams

For some reason, since I left that dream of running on the track back in the 80's, that desire to run has not left. As I explained in 'Quitting out of Pride',  though I quit the team, that desire to run a marathon won't go away. Only it's morphed into a 5k which is what I've set out to do. But I thought it was only a goal. You know, something I can say I've achieved. But I now see that the goal has turned into a dream. A dream of running a 5k. To some that may sound small, but to me, its huge. That's because for so long, I've had a tendency to self-sabotage before I get there. I went two whole weeks without jogging. To you, that may sound ridiculous. To me, its a milestone because in the past, I'd go several months. To have it narrowed down to two weeks, is life-changing. My point. Don't self sabotage your progress. If you go one or two weeks without working out extra hard, that's okay. But in the meantime, between time, do something! That's your body. You don't have to lose your weight the same way everybody else does. Do you. Just remember, your weight loss is more than just a goal, its a dream that will eventually come true