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Talked Into Suicide

During Sunday morning service, Bishop Jakes was simply doing the announcements, but I heard something that I know someone needs to hear. While he was explaining why the church will no longer have full capacity services, due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, he used Luke 4:9-13 as an example for his reason.

His point was that Satan tried to tempt the Lord to take unnecessary risks in order to try to get Him to prove who He was. I know we tend to see this as just a temptation, but we need to also remember that Jesus was a Man. Therefore, Satan was not only tempting Jesus to prove His identity, but he was also testing the Lord’s manhood. But that’s not what this Real Issue is about.

The Real Issue is that when Bishop used those verses to explain his reasoning for limiting the church’s capacity, I saw something about suicide that could possibly benefit you this year. Because 2021 was so cutthroat, I want to be sure you’re fully protected in 2022. Luke 4:9-13 reads,

Then [Satan] brought [Jesus] to Jerusalem, set H