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  • Staci Sweet

Tape, Hangers, & Ways To Do The Impossible

A few days ago, I took some things off my vision board. Because my vision board takes up a large portion of the back of my closet, the removal of those pics required me to use a chair. I’m 5’2 which meant the dangling pics and colored pieces of tape left behind would have to stay until I felt like getting my overweight behind back on a chair to adjust them. A few more days pass and I decide to fix my board; only I don’t feel like exerting that much energy that early in the morning, thus explaining my overweight-ness, so I grab a hanger and put the tape on the end of it. When I tried to adhere it to the board, the tape wouldn’t come off the hanger, so I grabbed another hanger and applied the needed pressure and lo and behold, it stuck! Once it did, my eyes immediately glanced at the top of my vision board. There, on the very top of board, in large bold letters, was the word IMPOSSIBLE and immediately I hollered with joy because I then saw what I’m about to share with you.

Doing the Impossible in the Little Things

Why do I have the word IMPOSSIBLE on top of vision board? Because everything on it seems impossible for someone like me to accomplish. But over the years, God revealed that He’s called me to do the IMPOSSIBLE, that I’M POSSIBLE, and that He’s given me ways TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. I then saw that God was using those hangers to demonstrate those WAYS. You see, most would have adhered the tape to the board the usual way. They either would have stood on a chair to get way up there or waited on someone else, someone taller, to do it for them. I had a chair and I have a son. But I didn’t want to use the chair and my son was at work. Therefore, God gave me another WAY to do what seemed impossible. Though it was only adhering a piece of tape to a higher place, to get it way up there seemed impossible for lil’ ole 5’2 me. It seemed as if I would have to do it the usual way. But God gave me another way to get it done. And this is what He wants us to see.

There are things in your heart or on your vision board that seem impossible. That’s because you think you have to go the conventional route. But God’s not going to do them the usual way. He’s going to give you a hanger, and another hanger to get that idea, that multi-million dollar corporation, that bestselling book, that blockbuster movie, that fine and faithful husband, that sexy and submissive wife, that healthy baby, that healing, that vision off that board and into your life. So stop going the usual routes and get ready for God to show you an unusual way!

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I ask You to open my eyes so that I can see how to do the impossible even in the small things. Show me Your way of getting those things I once thought were impossible out of my heart, off my vision board, and into my life. In Jesus’ name.

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