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Tape, Hangers, & Ways To Do The Impossible

A few days ago, I took some things off my vision board. Because my vision board takes up a large portion of the back of my closet, the removal of those pics required me to use a chair. I’m 5’2 which meant the dangling pics and colored pieces of tape left behind would have to stay until I felt like getting my overweight behind back on a chair to adjust them. A few more days pass and I decide to fix my board; only I don’t feel like exerting that much energy that early in the morning, thus explaining my overweight-ness, so I grab a hanger and put the tape on the end of it. When I tried to adhere it to the board, the tape wouldn’t come off the hanger, so I grabbed another hanger and applied the needed pressure and lo and behold, it stuck! Once it did, my eyes immediately glanced at the top of my vision board. There, on the very top of board, in large bold letters, was the word IMPOSSIBLE and immediately I hollered with joy because I then saw what I’m about to share with you.