• Staci Sweet

The Flu Jumpstarted My Weight Loss

So the last time I blogged was June of last year. June. Of. Last. Year. Wow! That tells me how serious I've been about this weight loss journey. But in true fashion, I'm back. Only I think this time, I'm for real. For real. For. Real. How can I be so sure?

Because I caught the flu Monday, January 13, 2020. The same day I got a flu shot and by that night my temperature was 102.9. And for the next four days, I was sick, sick. The thing about it is that though I'm not a sickly person, this time I noticed something different about the sickness. When I coughed, it sounded as if I had pneumonia. That startled me because that cough is a cough I'd heard growing up along side my chain smoking grandfather and aunt. Each time I coughed, I could hear them which again startled me because I don't smoke. I mean I did smoke. Weed. But that was back in 2002. I haven't smoked anything since. But I did pick up a coffee drinking habit back in 2015 that I noticed over the years seems to be tied in to my weight gain. I digress.

But while we're on the subject, before I started drinking coffee I weighed 184. Within a few months, I'd gained at least 40 pounds. I don't know what coffee has to do with weight gain, but I'm telling you, I gained at least 40 stubborn pounds that I haven't been able to lose...until this sickness. Yep! Before the flu I was 231+. After the flu, I'm down to 220. 220. Man say! I'm stoked! That's because I told myself this is the year that I get the weight off; only I'm not going to set some ridiculous goal of 180 or something like that. Nope! This year, my goal is to get down to two hunid! Yep! 200 lbs is my goal for the year! And with the help of that sickness, I lost 11 whole pounds and bab-bee...when I tell you I feel goodt...I feel goodt! But again, we'll see how long this lasts.

I'm 49 and am at the point where I'm ready to get outchea! Not outchea, outchea but I'm ready to live. So starting off, I'm feeling pretty good this time. And y'all, I'm actually hood healthy. Only eating fruits, veggies, juices...turkey bacon and biscuits. I mean let's keep it funky. I gotta wean myself into that thang...especially, since I had to let my coffee go. Coffee. I digress. I just joined Black Girls Run too! Yeah, I know I joined Weight Watchers and Tamela Mann is out here inspiring us like its nobody's business. But I ain't financially ready for that yet. Oh, I will but for now, I'mma do it this way. Yep! 2020 gone be that year y'all. It's gone be that year!

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